On Finding The Middle of a Triangle

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White_Corellas “White Corellas” by Erica J. Harris

On Finding The Middle
Of A Triangle

(©Glenn Gardner 2013)

Geometrize th’incentre of a space
By secting angles and projecting lines.
The brain computes behind the furrowed face.
The pencil’s and the ruler’s plot inclines,
Yet just not of dimensions two or three.
Our senses tweak, and wreak and census seek
To scribe and plumb the depth of mystery
Of what’s out there, in here, within, oblique.
The Father, Spirit, Son, the three in one
Are wholly holy, wholly cry wee saints
From branches truncate wresting. This dry run
Will yet be watered; nourished, know restraint
In Sabbath rest that thrills yet spills unheard
And channels only living water’s word.


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How to ERASE Logical Fallacies


Businessman and businesswoman sitting face to face in meeting

An essential skill to develop—particularly if you intend to discuss the truth of your faith with others—is how to understand, evaluate, and present a logical argument. Though it might seem complex and rather intimidating, an argument in logic is really a very simple thing. To have an argument you must make a claim (called the conclusion, or the central point of the argument) and provide support (called premises, or evidence, facts, and reasons) for believing the claim to be true or correct. To have a good argument (logically sound or cogent), your premises must be (1) true, (2) pertinent to your central claim, and (3) sufficient to justify the conclusion.

What Are Fallacies?

A fallacy occurs when a logical argument contains a specific defect. A defect is a mistake in the reasoning process which causes an argument to break down (or fail to adequately support the conclusion). Left unrecognized…

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Canadian Thanksgiving; a Sonnet for my Canadian Friends

Malcolm Guite

The true North Strong and Free (on the Victoria Ferry!) The True North Strong and Free (on the Victoria Ferry!)

As this Monday 10th October is Thanksgiving Day in Canada I am posting here a sonnet for Thanksgiving which I have written for all  my North American friends. But today I am particularly grateful for the hospitality I recieved  from Steve Bell, and the good people at St. Bendict’s Table and St. Benedict’s Monastery, and from David Jennings

There is no feast of Thanksgiving in either the British national or church calendars, but it seems to me a good thing for any nation to set aside a day for the gratitude which is in truth the root of every other virtue. So here is an Englishman’s act of thanksgiving. as always you can hear the poem by clicking on the play button if it appears or on the title.

This sonnet comes from my sequence Sounding the Seasons

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Tactics: the worst mistake a Christian can make when doing apologetics

Reactivating my use of my blog to focus on apologetics.


I have a key that will unlock a puzzling mystery I have a key that will unlock a puzzling mystery

So, this is just an advice post for doing apologetics.

Here are three situations I’ve run into while doing apologetics in the last month.

First situation. I was talking with a lady who is an atheist. I had a copy of “God’s Crime Scene” in my hand, and she asked me about it. I told her that it was a book written by the guy who solved the homicide case that I asked her to watch on Dateline. She remembered – it was the two-hour special on the woman who was killed with a garrotte. She pointed at the book and said “what’s in it?” I said, it has 8 pieces of evidence that fit better with a theistic worldview than with an atheistic one, and some of them scientific. Her reply to me was – literally – “which denomination do you…

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30 Abbreviated Arguments for the Existence of God

For your future reference –

Pastor Brian Chilton

universe 2  Many apologists focus on a few arguments. But did you realize there are multiple arguments for the existence of God? Understand that it would be impossible for one to post an in-depth article on each of these arguments without having written a book. It is not the purpose of this article to present an in-depth look at these arguments. Rather, it is the purpose of this article to open the eyes of the reader to the wealth of arguments that exist for the existence of God. One will note that some arguments, or proofs, are stronger than others. It is not the intent of this article to defend each argument. However, the article does intend to show the strong case for God’s existence when taking all the arguments together as a whole. Most of these arguments were taken from the works of Peter Kreeft. Please see the bibliography and check…

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