The Parable of “Making Rent On The Internet”

My adult life has been occupied with fixing things.

Oft times people actually pay me to fix things and I’m able to make rent.

Jesus spoke of “Making Rent” in a parable
and if you are familiar with Jesus’ parables
you may know which one I am referring to.
I’ll give you three guesses:

  1. Parable of the Talents
  2. Parable of the Hidden Treasure
  3. Parable of the New Cloth Patch

and I’ll give you three clues:

    1. Internet discussion is often about contentious issues.
    2. Discussion involves at least two people connecting.
    3. People use words to engage in internet discussion.
Need another clue? OK – here it is:

It really is as simple as

  • A
  • B
  • C

Young’s Literal Translation

 is available on all three of the “parable” links above

and if you click correctly you can read from Matthew →

“And no one doth put a patch of undressed cloth on an old garment,
for its filling up doth take from the garment,
and a worse rent is made.”

Matthew 9:16 (Young’s Literal Translation)

You might be thinking “Wow, that’s a stretch. He sucked me in with making rent and now he’s starting to preach. I’m out!”

If you’re still reading you are still, reading.
You’re not in a big rush to get on to the next thing.
Permit me, few will, two whacks, poetic:

Follow Me Here. Follow Me There

Speak to me here.

Speak to me there.

Speak to me your.

Speak to me their.

I’ll hear you here.

I’ll hear you there.

I’ll hear your your.

I’ll hear your their.

I’ll speak to you here.

I’ll speak to you there.

I’ll speak to your your.

I’ll speak to your their.

Listen to me. Listen too, me.

Confused? I’m certain you’re thinking I might be confused.
You might even be thinking I need therapy. Go ahead and say it.
At the very least you might be asking, “What did he mean by that?”.
Folk that heard Jesus’ parables often asked that same question.

The meaning of His words is often a hidden meaning provoking the question
“What did he mean by that?” Discussion follows.
The meaning of our words is often a hidden meaning provoking the question
“What do they mean by that?” Discussion follows.

The intent of Jesus’ words was never hidden.
His agenda was never a hidden agenda.
May the intent of our words be never hidden.
May our agenda never be a hidden agenda.

My intent with respect to future words posted to this blog is

 Making Rent On The Internet

and together we can explore what that means . . .
as my agenda allows . . .
and as your agenda allows . . .

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4 thoughts on “The Parable of “Making Rent On The Internet”

  1. I’m so glad you have decided to do this. Writing is such a tool for learning, healing, sharing and fellowship. I’ll be sure to keep with your blog my friend!!!! I liked to poem, and totally understood it, it’s like Jesus Dr. Seuss lol..pretty cool!!!

  2. Very interesting – thought provoking. I appreciate the invitation to dig deeper into what people’s words “really” mean.

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