Standing On The Sidelines No More

Back in the early days of the internet “Big Bang” , in the mid 90’s daze of Windows 3.1 and dial-up snaily-mail, I made connections with real people via this medium and some of those connections are strong and vibrant to this day.
One of those connections was with a use-net group of budding songwriters that  posted original lyrics for critique and discussion. The group is still active although I do not participate now. Occasionally someone would post a challenge “Write a song lyric about *       *“, a time limit was posted, participants would post their original lyrics, and members would evaluate the lyrics. In response to the challenge to write a  “Do Gooder lyric in need of a tune, from someone else’s perspective” I wrote:

by Glenn Gardner ©1998

I’m standin’ on the sidelines
With an empty hat
On the sidelines with an empty heart
That bears a heavy load.
I’m lookin’ for a signal
From you lookin’ back at me
I’m standin’ on the sidelines
In the middle of the road
Vacant stare that’s full of questions
Empty heart that bears a load
Standin’ on the sidelines
In the middle of the road.
I think I’m going somewhere
But I don’t remember why
Won’t you help me get there , brother ?
Don’t you have some change to spare ?
I’m needin’ just a hand up
Just a quick touch from you, brother
Just please help me get away from here
I really don’t know where.
Repeat Chorus
Just a quick touch – I don’t bite –
Just a quick touch -don’t decline-
I’ll let you get back to your journey
And I’ll get back to mine.
Repeat Chorus and fade repeating last 2 lines

Today I was provoked to think about a comment I had posted as a preface to those lyrics:

“I’m tossin’ my hat in the ring with the following lyrics-written
using the nouveau choix – “METHOD WRITING”- where I wrote from the
perspective of the panhandlers I encounter so often in the city.”

Writing those lyrics was a crude attempt to walk a mile in another man’s shoes. In the years since then I’ve had the privilege to count some of those panhandlers as good friends, especially when I WAS walking in their shoes. I thank God that, although I’ve never walked the median of King Edward Avenue in the middle of 6 lanes of traffic, panhandling, I’ve had the privilege to walk close by and have experienced God’s everlasting faithfulness in so many ways.

As I toss my hat in the blogosphere ring I am soberly reminded that the words I can so easily tap out on the keyboard in front of me are out there forever once I click “Send”. We can cut, copy,  edit, and paste the words before we click “Send”, but once we click “Send” there’s only one way back . 
As we interact with persons let us be mindful that we are doing something that will last forever. I am reminded also that my actions and in-actions  are out there forever.

(BTW – the lyric still needs a tune)

Now –
“I’ll let you get back to your journey
And I’ll get back to mine.”

1 Peter 4:11

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Our weigh in way out boxing ring

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