What Can This World Afford?


Goodbye, Old Friend

Soon And Very Soon
© Glenn Gardner 04172013

Far better that they stayed and worked so long
And carried separate torches joined as one.
Two flames as one burned bright in Word and Song
And kindled glowing hearts in lives undone
By self and shame and guilt and secrets dark.
They shared their “I would rather have Jesus”
In such a way ’twas loosed and left it’s mark
On little boys, grown men, and Empire Clubs.
Now one is gone and one is left behind.
Three scores and ten surpassed sure passed o’er snares
Amid a hard worked field white, ripe, defined,
And cross-crusaded; full of wheat and tares.
Goodbye old friend. For now we’ll watch and stay
And sing “How Great Thou Art” til Jesus’ day. 


Hello, old friend.

George Beverly Shea In Memoriam Website

How Great Thou Art


Our weigh in way out boxing ring

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