Unity In Diversity

"Fibonaci Fibers" by T.Grimes

“Fibonaci Fibers”
by T.Grimes

 Unity in Diversity 
© Glenn Gardner 04202013

See, salt in boxes, bags and shakers still
Is just a crystal by itself alone.
So pure and white it stays within until
Into the mix of flavours  it is thrown.
Bright light cast from a steady source of pow’r
At its own speed will travel endlessly
To pin and point and hit the mark and scour
Dark shadows of reflection’s entropy.
So, iron, chafe and yearn – let heat arise
Defining and refining edges dulled
Creating wholly proper compromise
Conforming to a Holy proper mold
Of Father’s, once petitioned by the Son
Once sent. The Spirit’s here to make us one.

One Cone Of Seeds
In Spiraled Rows
Leftward ~ Rightward ~ Upward ~ Downward
Possessing Uniform Genomics 


Our weigh in way out boxing ring

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