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Putting Things Back Where They Belong

Putting Things Back Where They Belong

Father God ~ I believe in You.
I believe in Your Goodness.
You are completely fair ~
~ just ~
~ good ~
~ all the time ~
~ Your words are true ~
~ true about these things.
I ask You to forgive me ~
~ for every time I was stubborn
~ hard headed
~ unrepentant
~ refusing instruction.
Forgive me.
I don’t want to be like that.
I choose not to be like that
~ and I ask You
for the gift
of repentance.
~and I thank You for the opportunity to avoid destruction
~and I say “Teach me” and I’ll receive it
~“Correct me” and I’ll receive it
~ “Use whoever You want to” and I’ll receive it
~and I will yield to You
~ respond to You
~ and be tenderhearted
~ and willing
~and I thank You ~ for sparing me
~ Hallelujah ~ oh, thank You Lord .