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On Finding The Middle of a Triangle


“White Corellas” by Erica J. Harris

On Finding The Middle
Of A Triangle

(©Glenn Gardner 2013)

Geometrize th’incentre of a space
By secting angles and projecting lines.
The brain computes behind the furrowed face.
The pencil’s and the ruler’s plot inclines,
Yet just not of dimensions two or three.
Our senses tweak, and wreak and census seek
To scribe and plumb the depth of mystery
Of what’s out there, in here, within, oblique.
The Father, Spirit, Son, the three in one
Are wholly holy, wholly cry wee saints
From branches truncate wresting. This dry run
Will yet be watered; nourished, know restraint
In Sabbath rest that thrills yet spills unheard
And channels only living water’s word.


On Finding The Middle Of A Triangle

Thank you to “Middle Places” for publishing my sonnet.
Entitled “On Finding The Middle Of A Triangle” (link)  ,
it explores some thoughts on the manner in which
we perceive and experience God as Trinity.